Newest Adaptor Mk 3

I made this adaptor after having seen the Swarovski DCB, it looked a fantastic piece of kit, but of course wouldn't fit my Nikon ED82 scope, and was way to expensive anyway.
So I raided my metal junk box to see if I could improve on the Mk 2 I had made previously.
All the metal parts are made from several different thickness of aluminium sheet, holes were driilled in the thicker stronger parts, to cut down weight, surprisingly the two side plates seen here, were reduced in weight by about 35% and didn't weaken the metal.

The camera can be adjusted in relation to the eyepiece, horizontally, vertically and also distance between the camera lens and eyepiece, so just about any camera could be accommodated.
I much prefer the adaptor to swing forward, rather than a cumbersome side swinging type.
The camera in these pictures is the Nikon P5100

This is the strongest and most rigid adaptor I have made, which really is essential for reducing movement of the camera which will cause blur in the pictures at low shutter speeds.

I have thought about making this same adaptor in Carbon Fibre Sheet !! perhaps the MK IV.

Unscrewing the blue thumbscrew, allows the adaptor to pivot forward to use the scope in the normal way.

The camera is now pivoted out of the way of the eyepiece, there is a stop to restrain any further movement forward, so the focus barrel on the scope is not impeded.
Note the Tufnol clamp block that grips the collar on the scope, where the eyepiece screws into. The holes are again for reducing weight.
Eyepieces can be changed, without having to dismount any of the gear.

Three of the four adjusters. The one on the right allows the camera to be adjusted horizontally.
The two on the left are for adjusting the distance and angle of the camera in relation to the eyepiece

.Another adjuster which you can't see here, adjusts the camera vertically.

And here is a picture of the adaptor, and magnifier for the Lcd screen, on the scope ready for use.
Note the cover over the scope eyepiece which stops the sun shing into the gap between camera lens and scope eyepiece. It just clips on and off.

In this picture you can see the magnifier hinged forward when not in use, to stop the sun shining through the magnifier, which will damage the Lcd screen.

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