Panasonic G1 connection to Nikon ED82 scope.

Using my Mk3 homemade adaptor it was easy to make an additional plate to fit the camera to the adaptor.
The plate fits on to the right angled plate, and retains the ability to adjust the camera in three different directions, sideways, up and down and nearer or further away from the scope, to line up with the scope eyepiece. The Panasonic 14-45mm kit lens, set to about 21mm, touches the eyepiece (not glass to glass). This gives a little vignetting with the 30x DS eyepiece.
As the focusing is internal with this lens, there is no problem with the lens moving in and out.

The curved piece of plastic with the camo tape on, is a push fit over the lens, just to stop sunlight shining into the small gap between the lens and eyepiece.

I use a electronic release to fire the shutter, less chance of vibration.
The Mk3 homemade adaptor still retains the ability to swing the Panasonic G1 camera up out of the way, to view the scope normally.
Note the safety strap which connects camera to tripod, just in case !

The G1 is easy to establish focus, with the built in electronic viewfinder. The SD card is accessible from the side, which is great. I like this setup, nice pictures, but not as much magnification as a point and shoot like the Nikon P5000,5100 and 6000 especially as I cant use the 50x eyepiece with this camera, as there is too much vignetting.

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