A bracket to fit a Red Dot Device to my Nikon ED82 scope.

This bracket is for mounting the red dot device to the left hand side of the scope. (looking from the eyepiece end of the scope).
It will not interfere with the focusing of the ED82 when used by a right handed person.

When the red dot device and bracket is fitted to the scope and tripod head, the red dot device can be adjusted for aim with the screws in the red dot sight turrets. I f you cant get enough adjustment then you can slightly bend the vertical plates, to help achieve alignment.

I have drilled a small extra hole through the base plate of the bracket, which sits on the head, and into the front of the scope foot, then a small self tapping screw is fitted. This will allow the red dot sight bracket and scope to be taken off the tripod head as one piece, so that you don't have to carry out adjustment so much every time you remove the scope from the tripod.

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